Personalised Keychains (Small Orders of Less Than 30)


Professionally 3D printed-on-demand in durable PET-G material
Use this page for orders of less than 30 pieces



The perfect gift for children’s day or corporate events!


Use THIS LINK instead for bulk orders of 30 or more to enjoy a heavily discounted price of SGD5.00/piece!

These are 3D-printed keychains that can be personalised with a name.

  • Material: PET-G (unlike the commonly used PLA as a 3D printing material, PET-G is an engineering-grade plastic, suitable for prolonged outdoor use with exposure to UV and moisture)
  • Dimensions: 69mm x 20mm x 4mm (without metal keyring)
  • Colour: White and teal (default); a different colour combination may be requested for bulk orders upon request
  • Content: Maximum of 9 letters (all capitalised by default); space(s) and hyphen(s) ‘-‘ are allowed
  • Surface finish: 3D-printed surface (minor lines and textures common to FFF 3D-printing technology is expected). Every unit is manually inspected to ensure production quality is met

Send us the list of names (maximum of 9 letters each) you would like on each keychain by filling in the form below after payment and indicate the order number. Alternatively, you may email us the list (text or excel file is fine too) at You may also group the names into categories if required; e.g. by class or department.