Window Stopper

Prevent unwanted closing of windows forced by strong winds

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Strong winds are commonly experienced in high rise flats and condominiums in Singapore and can cause casement windows to slam shut unwantedly.

This window stopper solves this problem by functioning as an effective stopper between the window and its ledge, allowing natural wind to ventilate your home without being disrupted by unpredictable and loud slams. Just remember to remove the stopper and close the window when it rains!

This product is the result of dozens of design iterations to achieve a balance in form, functionality, and sustainable manufacturability. Pull the trigger to loosen the clamp for easy placement or removal and prevent scratches to your ledges after long-term usage.

Every window stopper is carefully 3D printed in PETG plastic and will contain visible layer lines and slightly textured surfaces as part of the 3D printing process. The material is durable, can withstand direct exposure to sunlight, and is washable with water or mild soap.

This product will be released soon!


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